Portrait Photography Preparation & Tips

We have a little studio with lights. You will be photographed on a neutral background, standing and sitting.   

Clothes Tips

Clothing is a form of expression and the clothes that you pick to wear will reflect your personality in the images. When choosing clothes, remember the simpler the better.

  • Solid colors are great.
  • If going with a pattern keep it simple.
  • Avoid wearing anything that has a symbol or brand. 
  • No turtlenecks. You will look neckless. 
  • Start with a simple shirt or blouse and slowly add layers.
  • You can bring a couple of changes of clothes to the shoot. But make sure that ALL clothes are ironed and pressed before the shoot. Wrinkles in clothes are difficult to Photoshop out. 
  • Bring a lint brush or roller with you. 
  • Try not to wear stark whites unless it’s under something, such as a suit jacket, cardigan, or sweater. V-necks accentuate the neckline and generally look best on women.   

Hair Tips

  • Bring a brush and some hair product (gel/hairspray) with you to the shoot to help calm fly-aways. 
  • If you have long hair, come with your hair down and towards the end of the shoot you can put it up for a more casual look, if you like. 

Makeup & Face Tips

  • If you wear make-up, start natural and light. You can bring some and build up the makeup as you go.  
  • Try not to use matte styles of makeup. It will dry out your skin.
  • Bring your makeup and moisturizer with you to the shoot in case your skin gets dry or you need touchups.
  • If you wish, bring lip balm with you to help keep lips looking soft.
  • Don’t do any extreme beauty regimens right before your shoot, like facial peels, tanning or extensive exfoliating. Your skin can look very irritated afterwards.
  • If you wear coloured contacts, leave them at home and bring clear contacts with you. Colored contacts can look very fake in photographs. Bring eyedrops with you if needed.

Finding Us

We're on Edmonton's southside at 7809-109 St NW.  We're on the second floor.

Getting In
Come in at the front of the building - doors face 109 Street. 

There's a phone at the top of the stairs. Press the General Visitor call button and we'll buzz you in. 




  • There's parking for free on 109 Street in front of the building and past the alley. 
  • There's free parking in the building's carport, off the alley. 
  • There's free parking facing south in the parking lot. 
  • The side streets have free parking but there's construction going on and its sketchy.